Box Talks reveal ‘collective passion’ to see MMC flourish

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are here to stay, and there’s a ‘collective passion’ within the industry to see MMC flourish.

That was the conclusion from the latest Box Talks: MMC – a round-table discussion attended by industry partners, including funders, manufacturers, insurers and clients.

However, at the event, held in London’s RAC Club and supported by United Trust Bank, it was also agreed that there are still many barriers to overcome if MMC is to deliver the full range of economic, social and environmental benefits.

These problems, along with potential solutions, are addressed in a white paper published after the live Box Talks. It highlights a lack of understanding among non-technical stakeholders and policymakers within the construction and development sectors about what MMC actually is.

This lack of clarity (characterised by confusion between panelised systems and volumetric construction) has an impact on the ability of the supply chain to satisfy demand, on cost-planning models to support decision-making, and on funders and investors to support the sector.

The white paper also reflects on many of the take-home messages from Box Talks: MMC, including a list of actions to help MMC be more widely understood and adopted:

  • More education and opportunities for knowledge-sharing with non-technical teams
  • Align MMC terminology across different parts of the industry
  • Develop better, more MMC-focused estimating and cost-comparison tools
  • Work more closely with the supply chain to reduce risk
  • Address insurance and mortgage issues to encourage more investment
  • Encourage greater government action to support MMC
  • Communicate the economic, social and economic benefits of MMC

Speaking after the event, Adam Bovingdon, Head of Property Development at United Trust Bank, said: It was great to hear so many perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented by MMC – and also to see the collective desire to find solutions that will lead to wider adoption across a market we’re all clearly so passionate about.”