Loyalty comes first for Angela after 20 years at Box

Associate director Angela Newton has been providing mentorship and guidance at Box Architects for 20 years. Here, she talks about the importance of putting down roots.

“I think loyalty is a rare commodity in business nowadays. You see so many people opting to move companies every two or three years but I’ve always been one for putting down roots – and watching the company grow along with my own development. It has been great that the two have combined brilliantly at Box, and we’ve both succeeded.

There have been many changes, challenges, and ups and downs since I started out 20 years ago as a Part 1 trainee. But the people I’ve worked with within the company and in the wider industry have made it all worthwhile.

I’m very proud to be celebrating my 20-year anniversary with Box Architects – from joining as a ‘green’ Part 1 to passing my Part 3 and becoming an architect, and then progressing to my position as associate director, where I hope I’m having a positive influence on those starting out in the industry.”

“Congratulations to Angela for reaching this milestone. Many aspiring architects have been fortunate to learn from her wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, and there’s no doubt her leadership is the reason clients such as Honeywell, CBRE and HM Treasury keep coming back.”

Graham Place, CEO Box Architects