One year on – new girls dormitory project for COCO

One year on sees new girls dormitory project for African school for Coco

Box Architects supported COCO (Comrades of Children Overseas) a charity initiative in April 2017 led by Helen Cadzow of Cadzow Estates and sporting legend Steve Cram to host a dinner ahead of the London Marathon to raise enough money to build a new school dormitory for girls in in the Kenyan Maasailand for the remote Maasai Academy. The new dormitory was intended to provide accommodation during the week so that girls could stay at school and not face the long walk to and from school each day.

With support from legal firm Wedlake Bell LLP and K2 Developments the dinner raised £20,000 and has enabled this project supporting girls’ education.

In remote areas like Maasailand, teachers are scarce, and those who join from outside the area don’t stay long, resulting in a high turnover of staff. The support provided by Box Architects and everyone else who attended the London dinner has allowed COCO to help a passionate local teacher receive training to further improve the standard of learning at Maasai Academy. The intention is a host a similar initiative again in 2019 to coincide with the London Marathon.